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The Basic

New to Unlock? Learn tips & tricks to get your started.

How To Use Blockchain Explorers with Unlock Protocol

One of the most critical aspects of web3 is that it decouples the “data and application” from front ends and user interfaces. For example, you can interact with Unlock Protocol smart contracts using blockchain explorers, in addition to the Unlock Dashboard.

Using a custom currency

The UI only offers the choice between DAI and Ether, but any ERC20 can be used. Locks can be configured to be backed by any

Recurring Memberships

Making your memberships automatically recurring is a critical step to reduce friction for your members while at the same time increase your revenues.

Organizing a vote by members

Unlock memberships are represented as NFT (using the ERC721 standard) which means they’re compatible with any tool which can leverage NFT, including the Snapshot governance application!

Customizing Locks on OpenSea

OpenSea is a large NFT marketplace. It is fairly centralized but will accept your locks and could even render them nicely if you follow the steps below!

Using Unlock for Newsletters

Platforms like Substack have been very successful to help creators monetize with newsletters. Unlock also make it very easy to create an email based membership!

How to show proof of attendance with Unlock

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) can be used as a mechanism to prove that the person holding the NFT attended a specific community event or participated in a community in some other way at a particular time and/or place.

create NFT lock

How to Create a Lock

The first step to using Unlock as a creator is to deploy your own lock so you can sell memberships to your own content! Each membership is a Non Fungible Token which you can customize easily.

Other topics you may like

Selling & Distributing

From selling your lock to managing the membership and other payment tips.

Plugins & Integrations

Easily integrate Unlock with many different existing platforms and software.