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How to change the name of an existing lock


1 - Go to the Unlock Protocol dashboard

2 - Go to the block explorer of the lock you want to update

3 - Click Contract

4 - Click "Write as Proxy"

NOTE: If you don’t see “Write as Proxy” in your block explorer, you may need to enable it. For example, on Polygonscan, you’ll need to…

Click “Is this a proxy?”

Verify the proxy

Click Save

Return to the contract

Now the “Write as Proxy” option should be available. Click “Write as Proxy.”

5 - Connect wallet

6 - Scroll down to updateLockName to update lock name

7 - Update the name, click "Write," and wait for transaction to complete

At this point, if you refresh your Unlock Dashboard, you’ll see the new lock name.

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  • The Unlock Protocol Dashboard
  • The wallet you used to create the lock (the “lock manager” wallet)
  • Time required: 3-5 minutes

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