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Unlock ownership of your community, across all your platforms.

What you can do with Unlock

Create locks and place them anywhere you’d like to lock content. Users can purchase memberships as NFT keys that grant access to content, tickets and anything else you’d like to monetize.

Check out Unlock’s community-built integrations and plugins.

Featured Implementations

MintGate token-gates links, video, and more with Unlock

When MintGate needed to pair their front-end design with NFT-based, token-gated access, they called Unlock.

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MyCrypto opened up an entirely new revenue model

Learn how MyCrypto turned users into paying users for their open-source suite of Ethereum management tools.

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Paid newsletter subscriptions were a snap for The Defiant

The Defiant implemented a crypto-native way to monetize its content and newsletter subscriptions.

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Why Unlock?

Your Content
Your Community

Memberships are not tied to any platform, giving you the freedom to take your members anywhere.

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Accept Credit Cards &

Both fiat and web3 friendly, allow your customers to pay in the currency they’re most comfortable with.


Owned & Governed

Unlock is an open-source protocol. Developers and creators co-own the protocol.


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What the community is saying

“I always thought there were better opportunities to monetise web game content. Unlock Protocol has enabled me to create quite advanced functionality that I would otherwise not have been able to do.”

Henry HoffmanHenry Hoffman, Co-Founder twitter @henryhoffman

Unlock for Developers

Unlock’s open source, blockchain-based protocol allows you to integrate and build any kind of membership application. Built-in Stripe support allows you to accept crypto and credit cards.

Join our Developer Grant Program!

Unlock Protocol is giving UDT token grants to developers who can make the platform more accessible to wider communities.

Latest News

NFTHack 2022 Teams Tap Into Unlock

ETHGlobal’s latest hackathon, NFTHack 2022, brought forward some fabulous opportunities for teams to deploy Unlock Protocol — and win prizes!... Read more

Airdrop for NFT Memberships

Creators have multiple options to airdrop memberships to their fans so they can become members and receive the NFT in their wallets... Read more

Unlock Protocol Year in Review 2021

2021 was a transformative year for Unlock Protocol with a new community DAO, support across multiple networks, $4M in new funding, and more.... Read more

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