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Connecting humans through NFT-based memberships

Your members aren't a commodity. Stop allowing platforms to treat them like one.

  • Restore your POWER as a creator

  • Create new REVENUE streams with NFTs

  • Have a DIRECT relationship with your members

How Unlock works

Create your own membership contract without code or chaos.

  1. Define your own membership terms

    1. Set your membership parameters without code!

    2. Add original artwork to your membership NFTs

  2. Launch your membership

    1. Craft your content on your platforms of choice

    2. Set up your members-only content

  3. Members can purchase NFT keys

    1. Members get exclusive experiences

    2. NFT-based keys provide access to unique content

Try it yourself

Connect your wallet, follow the steps, and you'll receive free access to our members-only Discord.

Developers, we have you covered.

Unlock is a protocol - not a platform. It's free to use, community-owned and governed, and offers limitless customization.

1 <script>
2 function loadUnlock(node, script) {
3 const js = node.createElement(script);
4 const sc = d.getElementsByTagName(script)[0];
6 js.src="https://paywall.unlock-protocol.com/static/unlock.latest.min.js";
7 sc.parentNode.insertBefore(js, sc);
8 }
10 loadUnlock(document, "script");
11 </script>
13 <script>
14 var unlockProtocolConfig = {
15 // paywallConfig object
16 }
17 </script>


We're building a public good together

Our mission is to create a protocol that belongs to the users, creators and builders - not Unlock Inc.

  • Connect with a passionate community
  • Determine the protocol's future
  • Help build the web3 foundation
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