Open source and purpose built Smart contracts built specifically for memberships and subscription NFT
The only smart contracts that let you add time constraints, update pricing, and handle recurring payments.
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Trusted by developers building next generation membership products
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The ProblemOther smart contracts were not built to handle memberships or subscriptions
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    You've tried using digital collectible NFTs for memberships — and realized you needed to keep launching new projects in order to keep revenue flowing.

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    You've tried to build a way to handle recurring subscriptions or time-specific memberships — but your existing smart contract can't support renewals, expirations, or managing membership status over time.

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    You want to get memberships to users easily, using things they are familiar with like email, airdrops, Apple and Google wallets — but can't find a way to do so.

We've solved the membership problem for smart contractsUnlock is the only smart contract protocol specifically built for memberships
Expirations and RenewalsAdd time constraints to your smart contracts
Other smart contracts don't address the "time" element of membership. Unlock Protocol smart contracts allow you to easily manage membership state, including expirations and renewals.
Recurring PaymentsHandle recurring payments onchain
With built-in functions to check current membership status, trigger renewals, and manage membership state, you can build subscription programs using smart contracts — without having to stitch together a bunch of workarounds.
Easy onboarding for customersFamiliar onboarding experiences
With features like email-based memberships, walletless airdrops, and seamless integration with Apple Wallet and Google Wallet, your users will be up and using your system in no time, without having to learn (or care about!) tech-speak jargon.
Unlock Protocol is fully audited and happily used by over 5,000 developers and community members
Membership Smart Contracts (Locks) DeployedAll time, production networks only
Membership NFTs (Keys) MintedAll time, production networks only
Growth in Number of Deployed Smart ContractsYear-over-year, production networks only
Bring flexibility and transparency into your membership products
It was a no-brainer for us to ticket DappCon with an onchain solution using Unlock Protocol. We wanted to bring blockchain technology forward, and setting up ticketing for DappCon was done in under two weeks.
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Mareen Glaske
There are so many use cases such as token gating, time-based memberships, recurring memberships — the opportunities are endless. Unlock Protocol is an awesome tool.
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Ciara Nightingale
We were able to build and launch our membership feature with just one developer in 2 weeks.
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Pixels Online

Luke Barwikowski
The combination of Unlock Protocol and Kazm's member management will make it easy to deliver web3-enabled experiences to existing audiences.
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Ben Turtel
The CDAA certification, powered by Unlock, is our biggest opportunity to grow participation in the community and bring power back to the financial planners on the front lines working with clients.
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Adam Blumberg
Unlock is serving as the technical connector piece between the membership NFTs we issue to our users and the backend membership requirements. This is what the future looks like.
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Web3 Academy

Kyle Reidhead
Build your first membership contract and mint a subscription NFT in minutes. Start Building