About Unlock Protocol

Unlock is a protocol for memberships as time-bound non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Unlock enables developers, creators, brands, and platforms to connect with their fans and followers without a middleman. It's an open source protocol — and not a centralized platform that controls everything that happens on it.
We believe there is a way to make memberships better and, as a result, we believe there is a way to make the web better.Unlock is a protocol developers, creators, brands, and platforms can use to create time-based memberships. Unlock’s goal is to ease implementation and increase conversion from “users” to “members,” creating a much healthier monetization environment for the web.

Unlock is open-source, collectively owned, and community-governed.
img-decoUnlock Protocol is an open-source effort and is governed by the Unlock DAO.

We aim for Unlock Protocol to be the primitive for every membership, both online and offline, around the globe. Together, we will create an internet owned and monetized by creators and their supporters.
We're always hiring, so get in touch if you want to join us!