Unlock Grant Program

Unlock's Grant program provides grants to developers around the world.

How does Unlock Grant Program help developers?

UDT token grant

We provide vesting grants of 100, 200 or 300 UDT Tokens to teams and individuals building with Unlock!

Technical Guidance for Project Development

Get help from our developers on Discord! We'll provide feedback and prioritize your issues.

Marketing & Promotional Support

We'll help you promote your project, clarify your pitch, and co-market with you on our blog and social media.

Connect with other developers and users

Launch and connect with other grantees, community members and Unlock users at hackathons and our monthly virtual developer meetup!

Check out projects from our grantees

Some amazing applications built using Unlock with support of our grant program.


by Guild xyz team

Guild allows you to manage and lock your community behind tokens and NFTs. It has an amazing interface for programming your own token walls.

Guild XYZ


by Jennifer Tran

A no-code platform for token gated content uses Unlock to enable creators to offer time-based, subcription-like NFTs.


Meet folks from our previous cohorts

A decentralized Grant Committee

We have nominated some of our earliest Unlock Inc. investors, grantees and community members to review and select Unlock Grant recipients. Winners are chosen for their vision and potential growth for the protocol.

Grant Selection Criteria

We have set some criteria to help our find the best teams and projects to help.


Can the project benefit to a large population of users?


Is the solution easy to use and a reasonable implementation?


Does the team have the skills to deliver?


Is this a new startup or a launched system with revenue?

What are you waiting for? Apply today.

We review each application as fast as possible.