We are continuing our expansion across all the EVM ecosystem. The Unlock Protocol can be used to deploy NFT membership contracts on Avalanche's C Chain.

By Julien Genestoux on

After Mainnet, Gnosis Chain (née xDAI), Polygon, Optimism, Binance, Celo, we're excited to announce that you can deploy your NFT membership contracts on the Avalanche C-Chain!

The Contract Chain is the default smart contract blockchain on Avalanche and enables the creation of any Ethereum-compatible smart contracts. This blockchain is for applications that require total ordering (for faster asset transfers or any other commutative application, use the Exchange Chain). The Contract Chain implements the Snowman consensus protocol.

avalanche C-Chain

Of course, to do that, you first need to have a few Avax tokens on your wallet. You can bridge any Ethereum token to Avalanche and you will receive a 0.1 Avax airdrop if you bridge more than $75 worth of value.

On Avalanche you can deploy NFT contracts using the Unlock Dashboard, or using libraries, like on any of our supported contracts and of course, you can also easily purchase memberships with your wallet, using our new checkout flow! For example, you can purchase a membership to the first Avax lock by following this link.

Our ambition is to deploy Unlock, the protocol for memberships on any EVM network. We're also working on a solution to provide a perfectly smooth cross-chain experience where users can acquire a membership from a contract deployed on a network by sending a membership from another network!