Binance Smart Chain

Some of our community members have asked for Unlock to be deeployed on BSC. This is now shipped.

By Julien Genestoux on

Until today, Unlock was available on xDAI, Polygon and, of course, Ethereum's mainnet. Today, we're announcing that creators can now easily deploy Unlock on the Binance Smart Chain.

Our strategy is to let creators chose where in the EVM ecosystem they want to deploy their locks. Some will choose the mainnet for its higher level of trustlessness, and are willing to bear the cost of high gas prices, while others are fine using cheaper chains. As such, we will be everywhere that the EVM goes.

On BSC, gas is paid in BNB, and memberships can be priced in BNB, or, like on other chains, in any ERC20.

Binance Smart Chain

Want to purchase membership on BSC? try this one! Gas costs are within the $0.50 range. You can also easily deploy a lock from your dashboard, by making sure you select the Binance Smart Chain network.

For now, contrary to xDAI and Polygon, purchases on BSC will not yield UDT, but we're keeping this as an option if we start to see significant usage on that network!