Unlock Protocol is Available on Celo

Unlock Protocol memberships can now be deployed on the carbon-negative Celo blockchain.

By Christopher Carfi on

One of the primary opportunities in web3 is to use technology to foster a deeper sense of membership in our communities and to participate in regenerative activities.

”We believe that people live primarily in connection to one another. We recognize that individuals are healthier and happier when they are members of a strong social community with meaningful relationships — that is, when they are living within a healthy and happy whole. We embrace values that strengthen community.” - Celo.org

That’s why today, Unlock Protocol is proud to announce we’re adding Celo to the ever-growing list of protocols that can be used to deploy memberships using Unlock.

Celo is a carbon-negative, EVM-compatible protocol with a rich ecosystem of global partners building web3, mobile-first applications to create a more accessible and inclusive global financial system.

Projects like Climate Frens are a natural fit to deploy Unlock Protocol-based memberships on Celo. The Climate Frens DAO is a group of friends and climate activists uplifting themselves and others through creative contributions to the climate movement.

“We chose Celo specifically because of their special focus on climate, and we’re in conversations with them about joining the Climate Collective. And Unlock is leading the way in membership NFTs and doing its part to build a truly open web,” said Tim Falls, founder of Climate Frens.

“The Unlock Labs team and community are tremendously supportive; Climate Frens couldn’t have launched our NFT membership without their help. As a bonus, Climate Frens DAO will have the opportunity to participate in the Unlock DAO, as we earn their tokens (UDT) through our use of the protocol. Unlock was an easy choice as our protocol partner, given our shared alignment and collaborative relationship,” Falls continued.

climate frens image

Celo joins the other EVM-compatible networks where Unlock Protocol-based memberships can be deployed, including Polygon, Optimism, Gnosis Chain, and the Goerli and Mumbai testnets. Creators and developers using Unlock can deploy to Celo in the same manner they deploy to any other network.

Unlock Protocol on Celo is available immediately.