Unlock is available on Optimism

The Unlock Protocol is now available on Optimism, making it the first NFT-based protocol to be available on 5 networks, including a roll-up L2!

By Julien Genestoux on

Today, the whole team is extremely excited to announce that we have deployed Unlock on Optimism, making it the first NFT-based protocol to be available on 5 networks, including a roll-up L2!

Ethereum's future

Gas fees on the Ethereum mainnet have now been outrageously high for more than a year, moving Ethereum away from its target of being a "world computer" accessible to everyone with an internet connection. It also makes use cases like Unlock much harder to use: our membership NFT should work well for $1 as well as $10,000 memberships!

Don't get us wrong: in some ways, high gas fees are a good problem to have for the Ethereum community. They mean that demand for the very precious block space is much higher than the available supply.

That said, the community has realized this for a long time, and multiple "layer 2" solutions have emerged. Vitalik Buterin wrote many times about why he believes that "roll ups" are the way to scale beyond the limited block space, and we agree!

Unlock on Optimism

A few months ago, we launched Unlock on xDAI, on Polygon and more recently on the Binance Smart Chain. All of these are great solutions for anyone who wants to deploy a lock, even today! They generally reduce some requirements around permissionlessness in favor of greater usability and much lower fees.

However, roll-ups represent an opportunity to find another balance between cost and security and we believe Unlock should embrace these too!

So, starting today, Unlock is available on Optimism. We have deployed the same contracts deployed on all the other chains and our front-end fully supports it! For this initial release, locks deployed on Optimism will not yield UDT governance contracts, but we hope to enable that by the end of the year! Get started by going to the Unlock Dashboard and select "Optimism" in the network dropdown!

We can't wait to hear what memberships are going to be unlocked on Optimism :) Like always, please join our community and share your experiments with us!