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Token Gating with Unlock

“Token gating” is the ability to restrict access to content (e.g. articles, videos, sections of websites, etc.) to holders of a particular NFT. There are

How To Create Subscription Content with Unlock Protocol and Darkblock

Using Unlock Protocol and Darkblock, creators can set up members-only, subscription content in the form of text, podcast episodes, video, or any other digital format. This content can be free or paid, and supports the distribution of members-only visual art, music, ‘zines, paid subscriptions of online video courses, and nearly any other type of digital content.

Token Gated Meetings on Huddle01

Huddle01 is a web3 video-conferencing platform. This guide teaches you how to create private, access-controlled meetings using Huddle01 and Unlock Protocol.


Unlock + Decentraland Using Unlock, you can create a space in Decentraland that only members with an NFT have access to. Charging for access You


Guild.xyz is a bot that lets you easily token gate access to your Discord servers. Once your guild has been created, select the right Unlock

Swordy Bot

Swordy Bot allows you to give access to Discord private channels by assigning a role to a user that has an Unlock Key (NFT). Once installed the plugin communicates via private chat with your server members and sends them to a website where they can verify key ownership.