Unlock Protocol Product Updates for July 2022

Release Notes for July 2022. Unlock Protocol releases Superfluid and Celo integrations, NFT ticketing enhancements, support for Goerli, and improvements to the checkout, keychain, and dashboard experiences.

By Christopher Carfi on


Partners and integrations


  • Changing recipient
  • Showing lock image
  • Claiming
  • Other user experience improvements

Members page

  • Pagination improved
  • Email in airdrop
  • Show total members
  • Adding and updating member emails
  • QR code sent by email for new keys
  • Search members by token id
  • Search members by address


  • Improved support for Sign In With Ethereum


  • Load all keys grouped by network
  • Show metadata on keychain
  • Support for EthPass

NFT ticketing


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