Unlock Protocol Adds Email for Airdropped NFTs

Unlock Protocol added a new feature to email a user when airdropping them an NFT from the creator dashboard.

By Angela Steffens on

The Unlock creator dashboard already included the functionality that allows someone logged in with the "Lock Manager" role to airdrop keys to a list of recipients. Now we've added the ability to send an email simultaneously!

The email generated will also include a QR code of the signed NFT that they can use to prove that they own it when attending in-person events and a link to view their NFT. Let's take a look at the changes!

New field added to the airdrop screen

A new field "email" is now present on the airdrop screen. airdrop screenshot with new email field

You can still send them without the email if you wish.

New actions added to the "Members" page

Some new action buttons are now visible on the "Members" page:

  • Add or edit the email for a specific key
  • Send QR-code by email

airdrop screenshot with new email field airdrop screenshot with new email field

We're excited to continue to support users of the protocol by consistently adding new features to the tools available. Be sure to join the Discord server and subscribe to our newsletter for updates if you haven't already.

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