Unlock Adds Support for Superfluid Streaming Payments

Unlock Protocol and Superfluid have teamed up to support streaming payments for Unlock membership NFTs.

By Christopher Carfi on

Unlock Protocol and Superfluid have teamed up to support streaming payments for Unlock membership NFTs! So what does this mean in practice?

  • Unlock is the open-source web3 protocol for time-based memberships. With Unlock NFTs, brands, creators, and developers can enable membership-based access to content, experiences, online communities, services, and events for any length of time desired — from seconds to weeks, months, or any other duration. A membership provides access to specified resources and experiences until the membership expires.
  • Superfluid streams enable real time flows of value between parties, and Superfluid is the building block for real time finance. Superfluid handles value transfer for subscriptions, membership rewards or any other composable stream of value, with continuous settlement.

Enabling an integration between Unlock Protocol and Superfluid is as natural as combining peanut butter and jelly, or chocolate and peanut butter (or whatever delicious food pairing works for you). Now, brands, creators and developers have the flexibility to monetize memberships with real time streams that match the duration of their Unlock-powered memberships. For example, a publisher offering a 30-day membership to their content site can have members pay via a Superfluid stream, with the real time amount of payment matching the time left on their membership.

How does it work?

With this integration between Unlock and Superfluid, a Superfluid stream looks and acts like any other payment method during the Unlock checkout process from the purchaser’s perspective. An Unlock lock manager configures the Superfluid stream as a payment option, and sets the Superfluid stream as a valid payment method for a membership. At checkout-time, the purchaser follows the same checkout flow as they would with any other payment option such as a cryptocurrency-based payment or a credit card payment.

Let’s start streaming payments!

Unlock and Superfluid are thrilled to bring this integration to life, and we are looking forward to seeing web3 creative communities use it to monetize their memberships in new ways!

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If you have any ideas or questions on how to use Superfluid and Unlock together, drop by our Discord and share your questions or experiences!