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How To Use tokenproof with Unlock Events

Tokenproof is a suite of tools for verifying possession of a digital asset without exposing that asset itself. It allows users to prove ownership of NFTs and other tokens online and at real-world events without exposing their actual tokens to third parties, by connecting their onchain account with a mobile device through the tokenproof app.

One of the incredibly powerful aspects of building onchain is the benefit of “composability” — the ability for open, standards-based approaches to “just work” together. The ability to use a tokenproof verifier with an Unlock Protocol ticket, membership, or subscription is an example of just that. With a minimum of configuration, the two systems just work together.

Here’s how to set up a tokenproof verifier to check in tickets for an Unlock-powered event ticket.

Set up your event with EVENTS by Unlock Labs

First, set up your event ticket and landing page. (It should take less than five minutes to set up your event.) There is a full guide here on how to set up an onchain event.

In the event landing page above, notice the link in the ticketing area of the landing page, shown by the red arrow. That link will show the details of the smart contract that is associated with this particular onchain ticket.

Click that link, which will open up a block explorer with additional details about the smart contract for the onchain ticket. Most notably, you’re going to need the “contract address” of this onchain ticket in order to let tokenproof know what token to look for in attendee’s wallets for checkin at the venue.

Copy the smart contract address.

Next, set up tokenproof

The individuals you have verifying onchain tickets at the door can use the tokenproof app.

As the event organizer, go to https://portal.tokenproof.xyz and log in.

Create a “non-ticketed” event in tokenproof. (In tokenproof’s terminology, “non-ticketed” means any event created outside of tokenproof.)

Then, choose the network your smart contract is on, and select “Add manual token” in the tokenproof event builder.

Then, put in the details about the smart contract, including the blockchain and contract address you copied earlier.

Fill the the rest of the details around the event, and you can claim victory! At this point, the Unlock-ticketed event can be checked in using the tokenproof verifier. You can learn more about the tokenproof verifier app here.

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