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Cal.com with Unlock Protocol

Unlock: Create a Lock

In the Unlock Creator Dashboard, create a Lock. After naming the Lock, and filling in the duration, quantity, and price fields, confirm the new lock

Once confirmed, you should find the address for the lock underneath the title. The address will start with “0x…” and be a string of letters and numbers. Keep this address copied,as it will be used for the cal.com integration

Cal.com:Setup your Account

Go to Cal.com & Login

Select the event which you want to token gate

Click on Show advance settings

Enter your lock’s contract address in the Smart Contract Address field

Share the event link with people

Other person has to hover the event for scheduling a call, need to click on verify wallet

If they do not own the token , they get a notification popup

If they own the token,

They need to sign the message and then they get calendar , from which they can schedule call

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