Unlock Docs Upgrade

Unlock Protocol has made significant upgrades in its developer documentation.

By Angela Steffens on

Here at Unlock, we've been working hard at pushing out new features to the protocol, integrations, plug-ins, and tooling. Now we've upgraded our developer docs, too. Let's take a look at precisely what's changed!

First, we moved the creator guides out to their own section of our website and ensured those things that spoke directly to creators were in a single spot. You'll find them linked from the Unlock home page.

unlock home page creator guides link

Now, our docs contain all those things relevant to developers, which is why you'll find them linked from the home page under "Devs," along with some handy shortcuts to commonly used spots you may want to drop right into such as the API Reference or one of our many tools.

unlock home page dev documentation link

Something we were super excited to be able to do with this upgrade is to start generating core protocol references directly from our protocol repository, ensuring we are constantly keeping the docs up to date with releases to protocol.

In addition to that, we've included some features that make the docs even more dev-friendly, including;

  • Better search
  • Improved navigation
  • Light and dark modes
  • Accessible, high-contrast code sample blocks

All of these enhancements are just the beginning! We're still working to bring you the best experience possible and we are dedicated to regularly releasing more tutorials on specific use cases, integrations, application architecture, and more. We'll be adding more to the tools we've built for developers to use when implementing the protocol. You'll see more development of tutorials and guides for those developers who are new to web3 and need a better understanding of the web3 ecosystem as they onboard from web2.

We're excited to be here to serve our open source community, and we welcome contributions. You'll find our docs repository on Github with instructions on how to contribute. If you see a place we can improve, please enter an issue or a pull request and, since our DAO governance has mechanisms for giving back to those who make contributions, your efforts will be recognized.