Unlock Protocol Product Updates for May 2022

Release Notes for May 2022. Unlock Protocol introduces recurring subscription NFTs, expanded Bring Your Own NFT capabilities, credit card improvements, and more.

By Christopher Carfi on


Recurring memberships & subscriptions are live

Expanded "Bring Your Own NFT" capabilities

Credit card handling improvements

  • Improved collection handling — Refactored credit card handling to only collect charges on successfully submitted blockchain transactions
  • Improved duplicate charge avoidance — Refactored credit card handling on front-end to reuse payment intent object (reduce risk of duplicate charge if user tries to purchase again/refresh page)
  • Improved gas calculation —Improved gas calculation for credit card purchases

Checkout and Dashboard improvements

  • Incognito mode fix — Fixed incognito mode for Paywall and Dashboard applications
  • Multiple recipients in checkout flow — Support for multiple recipients in checkout UI
  • CAPTCHA in checkout flow — Support for CAPTCHA in checkout
  • Background visual improvements — Fixed transparent background on paywall checkout modal

Other improvements

  • Improved Subgraph handling — Updated Subgraph to handle upgraded locks (between v10 and v11)

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