Web3jam Winners Deploying Unlock Protocol

A few of last month’s EthGlobal web3jam Hackathon winners used the protocol to help power their projects over the finsh line and into the winner’s circle!

By Crystal Street on

Last month, EthGlobal held another ground-breaking hackathon called web3jam to help further promote the creation of foundational tech for the next evolution of the web. Unlock Protocol was also a sponsor of the event and we were blown away by the number of teams that integrated Unlock into their projects. Let’s take a minute to celebrate several winners of the hackathon who used our protocol to power their projects over the finish line and into the winner's circle!

Backer by Mark Carey

Backer is a Web3-native platform for creator patronage and provides an alternative to Patreon. Backer allows individuals to directly support creators, without needing payment processing intermediaries like Stripe or PayPal.

Unlock Protocol is used to facilitate the patronage membership, with each tier of support represented by a different lock. To learn more about the project, explore its features, and watch a demo video please click this link.


Huddle01 created a web3 alternative to Zoom, allowing users to have conduct video conferences using wallets, token gating and ENS names. We’re excited to see more options in web3 that provide the possibility for replacing these web2 legacy platforms! Learn more about Huddle01 and watch the demo video here!


Portals was created as a response to Web 2.0 models of Patreon, OnlyFans, and Substack. Portals uses a Web3 stack to allow creators to keep 100% of their subscription revenue and have more flexibility in how their content is presented to their audiences. The protocol was deployed to allow creators to manage membership tiers.

We’re all about restoring the power and control to creators and Portals gets it! Explore the features and watch the team demo the platform at this link!

Adoption & Integration

Approximately 17 teams worked with our protocol in some capacity in their projects and that gives us both hope in the future direction of web3 and joy in the fact that so many teams saw what was possible with Unlock. While we’re still so early in the web3 world, we are very excited to see so much adoption of the protocol is in motion for the devs building the foundational elements of the next evolution of the web.

A special thanks to EthGlobal for creating such powerful hackathons and for giving us an avenue to sponsor so many amazing projects. wagmi.

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