Walletless RSVP

We’ve got a number of new features for events that use Unlock: registering for events without a wallet, event end dates and calendar invites!

By Julien Genestoux on

Earlier this year we announced a feature we called wallet-less airdrops. We realized that too many web3 experiences required users to first go through too many complicated steps before they could start enjoying the fun experiences web3 provides. So we introduced wallet-less airdrops, through which users receive an NFT before they actually configure a wallet.

Similarly, a few weeks ago, we announced our web3 event hosting application! It was used by a dozen events at ETHDenver, from DIDDay, to a very cool ShakeShack activation!

One of the pieces of feedback we received from several organizers was that they wanted to also make it trivial for non-crypto users to quickly RSVP for their events, provided that these events were indeed free. So today, we're introducing wallet-less RSVP!

You can try it by registering for this virtual launch party!

We also added the ability to set the end time for events, and added a calendar invite in the confirmation emails! Get started now: organize your web3 meetup, crypto party, or other event using Unlock!