Support for WalletConnect

We have added Wallet Connect to all Unlock dapps! You can now connect to your dashboard or unlock memberships in your favorite applications from any web browser!

By Julien Genestoux on

The most recent NFT craze is bringing a lot of new users down the crypto rabbit-hole. Many of them are using Metamask as they discover the wonders of self-sovereign identity. Many of them are also discovering web3 through the lens of a native application such as Rainbow, Trust, Argent, and more.

Sometimes, these applications include browser web views, but they may not always be the user's preferred browser. In the Ethereum world, Pedro Gomes came up with the right idea: WalletConnect!

Now that we're all used to ordering food with QR codes, it has become very simple to use a QR code to connect a dapp inside any web browser (👋 Firefox, Chrome or, Safari) to your wallet on a different device!

Today, we're excited to announce that all the Unlock front-end applications, from our dashboard which lets creators deploy their own NFT contracts, to our paywall applications that lets them easily add locks to their web pages, support WalletConnect!

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