Unlocking Scout

Our friends at Scout have integrated Unlock on the Unlock dashboard. Here's how it works

By Julien Genestoux on

Unlock is a protocol for memberships. Members of a given community often have access to perks, content or features which are just for them. For example, members (and only them!) of our blog can read and leave comments.


Today, we're very excited and proud to announce that our friends at Scout have added locks to their dashboards.

Scout provides analytics for Ethereum smart contracts. It provides unique (and real time) insights into economics and governance of on chain protocols.

For example, it provides a very useful dashboard to inspect the state of the Aragon network, or the state of the Set Protocol.

Of course, they also added a dashboard for Unlock, where you can view the total number of locks deployed, the balances of Ether or DAI across all locks, and even all the latest key purchases.

Scout dashboard for Unlock

However, we only wanted to grant access to members of our community, so, unless you already have a valid key to our lock, here is what you'll see:

Scout is locked Click that button: it's free

We're very excited to see other web3 applications use Unlock to limit access to their content or features only to owners of keys for a given lock. One of the really interesting features is that you do not need a user account on our blog, nor one on Scout: your Ethereum address is your identity and if you own a key, you are member of the lock!

Kuan, founder at Scout adds:

"Unlock protocol is the easiest off the shelf solution that can enable our customers to control access of their dashboards. And it is blockchain native!"

If you're considering adding a Scout dashboard to your smart contract give the scout team your lock address!

Our friends at Scout use React for their front-end application (like we do!) and they used our React tutorial, but we provide more details on how to integrate any front end application on this wiki page: add a lock to your content today! Our team is here to help you...