Unlock Labs Integrates Coinbase Wallet as a Service for Embedded Wallets

Unlock Labs has significantly updated its wallet creation process, simplifying access management for users and creating a more streamlined experience.

By Unlock Labs team on

Unlock Labs Integrates Coinbase Wallet as a Service for Embedded Wallets

Unlock Labs has significantly updated its wallet creation process, integrating Coinbase’s Wallet as a Service functionality. This integration aims to simplify access management for users interacting with Unlock Labs applications and creates a more streamlined experience.

Enhanced wallet creation

With the integration of Coinbase Wallet as a Service, the wallet setup process within Unlock Labs apps has been completely revamped.

This overhaul is designed to make the wallet creation process as straightforward and secure as possible, addressing both the needs of seasoned crypto users and those new to digital assets.

Multiple sign-In options, including Google Accounts

This new onboarding flow greatly enhances authentication options for Unlock Labs apps and offers users more flexibility and convenience.

Recognizing the need for familiar and easy-to-use sign-in methods, Unlock Labs has integrated Google OAuth with this experience.

This allows users to sign in using their Google Accounts, providing a simple and familiar email-based authentication option.

That said, crypto-native users who already have wallets can still authenticate and connect to Unlock Labs apps using Coinbase Wallet, Metamask or Wallet Connect.

By supporting these various sign-in methods, Unlock Labs ensures that users can choose the option that best suits their needs and preferences.

Up next: Passkeys and more

This is the first phase in a series of related updates, and the Unlock Labs team is planning several future enhancements to further enrich the user experience.

One key feature on the roadmap is the support of passkeys, the increasingly popular mechanism for user authentication. Passkeys offer an additional layer of security, ensuring that user accounts remain protected against unauthorized access while affording fast, seamless access to applications.

Another planned enhancement is the implementation of an email code magic link-style option. This will enable users to sign in using a secure, one-time code sent to their email, providing another convenient and secure sign-in approach.

These future enhancements are part of Unlock Labs' broader strategy to continuously improve the experience for users of Unlock Protocol connected applications.

Continued Unlock Account support

Although the authentication system has been completely revamped behind the scenes, Unlock Labs remains dedicated to users who have signed up using legacy, password-based Unlock Accounts over the past three years. These legacy Unlock Accounts will continue to be supported, ensuring that users with existing accounts can access Unlock Labs apps without changes.

A focus on iterative improvements

This more flexible and more user-friendly authentication process supporting Coinbase Wallet, Metamask, Wallet Connect, and Google OAuth (with enhancements such as passkeys and email code magic links coming soon) is just one step in the journey.

The integration of Coinbase Wallet as a Service infrastructure into Unlock Labs apps represents a significant improvement in the way users create and manage access to Unlock Labs apps for subscriptions, events, certifications, and other membership use cases.