Unlock Labs Feature Announcement: Event Ticket QR Verifier App Improvements

Ticket verification QR code scanning and check-in now available from event pages.

By Unlock Labs team on

Unlock Labs Feature Announcement: Event Ticket QR Verifier App Improvements

There are two levels of verification you can do with onchain tickets: a basic verification that shows that an attendee has a valid onchain ticket, and a more sophisticated level of verification that not only checks the ticket, but also a “check-in” that performs the digital equivalent of “tearing the ticket in half” to ensure that it can’t be reused by someone else.

For a basic verification, all that’s needed is to aim any mobile phone camera at the QR code for the ticket. When the ticket QR code is scanned with a mobile phone, anyone can ensure that the ticket is valid. Simply aim a mobile phone camera at the QR code, and the phone will open a web browser to verify the ticket status. This does not require anyone to connect a wallet, or perform any complex sign-in activities.

Anyone can scan a ticket with the phone they have in their pocket today with no additional software or setup needed.

Advanced verification now available from events pages

For more sophisticated verification, an approved individual (a "verifier") can scan tickets and check them in using a smart phone camera and the Unlock Labs verifier feature. The Unlock Labs verifier feature is now integrated directly into the Unlock Labs EVENTS app.

Any individual who has been added as a verifier (i.e. a "ticket taker" who stands at the entrance to the IRL event) will see the verification button when their wallet is connected to the EVENTS app and they visit the event page from their smart phone.

Clicking on the verification button will open up the verifier, which activates the smart phone camera for ticket scanning. Scanning a ticket from the verifier confirms its authenticity.

Scanning a QR code from the integrated verifier app and a smartphone camera

After scanning, the verifier app will show the status of the QR code ticket.

At this point, the verifier can "check in" the ticket, effectively "ripping it in half" so it can't be used again by someone else.

The Unlock EVENTS app for every event now has these features for ticket check-in available directly from the event landing page.