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Grantee Kale Nixon Explores Unlock Integrations for Musicians

Crystal Street

 On September 20, 2021

kale nixon

Supporting creators and artists is one of our core objectives at Unlock. We strongly believe in empowering artists to control and monetize their content in a manner that allows the artist to create a thriving income from their art and never sacrifice the connection to their fans and community.

We’re thrilled to have musician, producer, and performer Kale Nixon on board as a grantee! Kale will be integrating Unlock with the various aspects of their online presence and creating examples of how Unlock can support creators, musicians, and more.

Kale is specifically exploring “using Unlock on my site, as well as building a static site on Neocities with links to download Max patches, Ableton tools, and albums. In addition to using Unlock on my site, I'm interested in helping document, write about and create online workshops about the experience of using Unlock so that other creators have more tools for direct monetization as independent creators online.”

This project supports further Unlock integrations for the creator economy but also focuses on educating the creator community. As noted in Kale’s proposal, many of their community members might not have developer skills but are actively seeking solutions for decentralizing their creations.

Why This Project?

We’re excited about supporting creators that are interested in building demos, educating the wider community about Unlock, and are interested in experimenting with all of the different ways creators can use Unlock for their projects.

Looking Forward

We’re excited to have such an insightful project in our grant program and are wishing Kale all the best as they build this powerful integration for the creators, artists and musicians entering this new Web3 world.

If you’d like to join our Discord to connect with Kale about the project or explore some ideas of your own, please join us here.

AND if you already have an idea for an integration using Unlock, please submit your project proposal here.

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