Announcing our Token Grant Program!

Welcome to Unlock’s very first Token Grant Announcement!

By Amber Case on

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Welcome to Unlock’s very first Token Grant Announcement!

We’re excited to announce Unlock's Token Grant program!

What is the Unlock Token Grant Program?

The Unlock Token Grant Program is all about increasing the amount of people building with Unlock, by encouraging and supporting developers that create plugins, processes and documentation that make it easier for other people to use Unlock.

We choose recipients based on feasibility, scale and potential impact. We're also very interested in developers and designers that build tools that can be reusable and part of larger ecosystems.

What are we looking for?

Our five criteria are as follows:

  • Impact - Could this impact a lot of users?

  • Clarity - Does the project include user experience, aesthetics and anything else that makes the solution clear, accessible and easy to use once implemented?

  • Feasibility - Is this a reasonable implementation?

  • Team - Does the team have the skills to make this happen?

  • Maturity - Is this a brand new startup or a launched system with revenue?

If accepted, we'll send an email with and start a smart contract that vests the tokens over time.

Your tokens will be stored in a smart contract and be delivered continuously, in accordance with your progress and milestones.

Although these tokens will start vesting as of the day your grant is approved, the tokens won't be available on the smart contract for you to withdraw until your project is shipped.

Once you ship, you'll be able to withdraw all tokens vested up until that point, and you'll continue be able to withdraw tokens continuously for the rest of the year period.

In addition, we'll require monthly updates so we can track your progress accordingly and also provide reasonable support if needed. We have a friendly Discord channel for help and support!

If your project includes press releases or a marketing budget, we're happy to be involved in those discussions for co-support as well. Just let us know!

Learn more about our Token Grant Program!

If you have a project in mind and would like to submit a grant, please do! Our link to the grant application is here

We review all applications on a monthly basis. You’ll get a notification when your grant is under review and whether it has been accepted or rejected.

Each grantee will get a token grant that vests monthly starting 12 months from the start of the grant period. Once the project is completed, the vested funds will be delivered by smart contract, and the rest of the funds will be delivered each month until the end of the grant period.

Want to learn a bit more about Unlock? Join us in the Discord Channel or check out the developer documentation for ideas.

Congratulations to all of the grantees, and thanks again for supporting Unlock!