Newsletter Monetization at The Defiant | Unlock Case Study

When The Defiant was looking for a crypto-native way to monetize its content and newsletter subscriptions, it turned to the Unlock Protocol.

By Christopher Carfi on

The Defiant, headed by CEO, journalist, and author Camila Russo, is “The Bloomberg of DeFi.” (Russo should know; she’s a former Bloomberg journalist.) Fiercely independent from its name to its actions and its editorial voice, The Defiant is a rapidly-growing media network that spans newsletters, videos, podcasts, and articles covering decentralized finance (DeFi).

The Defiant funds its operations through paid subscriptions from readers as well as through sponsorships. True to its journalism roots, The Defiant does not accept any paid article placements in editorial content, nor does it accept compensation for tweets or retweets.

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