State of Unlock

A single page where everyone can see the state of the networks: locks deployed, active and NFTs minted!

By Julien Genestoux on

Today, we’re unveiling a cool new page on our static site: it’s called “State of Unlock” and it shows some important metrics for Unlock Protocol adoption!

Since we firmly believe in a world where creators will deploy their locks on multiple networks, we show both the aggregate data, as well as data on a per-network basis.

State of Unlock

Here are the 3 core metrics we care about:

  • Number of Locks deployed: That’s the number of smart contracts deployed by creators, brands and teams who want to operate a membership program on chain.
  • Number of Keys sold: That’s the number of membership NFTs sold. It provides a good indication of the penetration of Unlock!
  • Active Locks: That’s the number of locks that have minted at least one membership NFT in the previous 30 days.

Of course, we also measure the “Gross Network Product” which is the total revenue generated through Unlock on a given network. We can’t easily aggregate these because they are measured in each network's base currency (ETH on Ethereum mainnet, MATIC on Polygon, etc.).

As a member of the Unlock ecosystem, you are now able to get an overview of the protocol's reach and growth.