Unlock Protocol is Now Available on the Sepolia Ethereum Testnet

As Goerli is being deprecated, the Unlock Protocol has now been deployed on the Sepolia Ethereum Testnet for developers.

By Clément Renaud on


The Sepolia testnet has emerged as an important environment for developers who are creating dapps in the Ethereum ecosystem. In a move to help ensure that the Unlock Protocol is available wherever developers need it, Unlock Labs is thrilled to announce that the Unlock Protocol is now available on the Sepolia testnet, effective immediately.

Why use a test network?

Test networks like Sepolia are crucial for experimentation and development. They function similarly to the main networks, except their coins are freely obtainable, usually via online faucets. Before deploying costly contracts and operations on a production network, it's prudent to test them in a nearly identical, yet cost-free environment.

The Goerli testnet is scheduled to be sunset in 2023

Many developers are currently using the Goerli testnet, which is scheduled to sunset by the end of 2023.

Sepolia is the next primary Ethereum testnet for developers, and Sepolia is scheduled to be in operation until 2026.

Unlock Protocol on Sepolia

The contracts for Unlock Protocol have been deployed on Sepolia and you are able to create test locks from the Unlock dashboard, starting now. The Unlock Protocol main contract on Sepolia lives at the address 0x36b34e10295cCE69B652eEB5a8046041074515Da. Sepolia is an ideal environment to build custom logic for your lock, and supports key Unlock Protocol capabilities like contract hooks.

Sepolia online faucets

Here are two currently-available online faucets for obtaining Sepolia tokens for testing.

Note: You can always find the up-to-late list of all the production and test networks where Unlock Protocol has been deployed at https://docs.unlock-protocol.com/core-protocol/unlock/networks/