We raised $4M!

We're accelerating as the protocol with a fresh cash infusion!

Crystal Street

 On Sept 28, 2021

We've got big news here at Unlock! We raised $4 million in venture funding from a handful of VC firms and DAOs along with angel investors from the crypto and media industries. Guess what are main focus for these funds are— supporting the rapid growth of the protocol!

new funding

Bringing our ultimate vision for Unlock to life requires community support, participate and ultimately— funding. That's why today's announcement means so much to us and we are so grateful.

“At Unlock, we envision a fairer, more humane Internet in which every creator can monetize their work on their own terms through membership benefits of their choice,” said Unlock CEO Julien Genestoux. “With the funding we have raised to date, Unlock will continue growing to become the most complete, open source platform to achieve this goal. We’re grateful to the investors who support our vision, and to our developer and creator communities who continue to build amazing new applications of our protocol.”

The $4 million round was led by VC firms including Betaworks, Cygni Labs, GMG Ventures (parent company of The Guardian), and Metacartel Ventures China, along with participation from early investors

Techcrunch wrote about us:

Monetization for the creator economy continues to be a huge issue and opportunity, but creators mostly have to lock themselves into platforms like Patreon to realize their value. A better method would be to have a membership system for creators which sat across several platforms.

Stay tuned to this blog or join the community in our Discord to participate in building or supporting the protocol. We have some big announcements coming very soon — so don't wait to join us!

Also, we are hiring, please, make sure you check our jobs page!

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