Unlock Protocol Product Updates for March 2022

Unlock Protocol launched over a dozen new features in March 2022 for NFT ticketing, memberships, and an array of user experience improvements.

By Christopher Carfi on


Governance items

And there are a huge number of March 2022 product updates from Unlock! The team delivered a number of new features this month that include...

In production

  • Notification toasts in Dashboard - Added toaster notifications throughout the Unlock interface for communicating status
  • Captcha on checkout flow bot prevention measure - Deter bots from purchasing NFT tickets in a scripted manner
  • Support for password-protected checkout - Our checkout flow now supports a “password” flow where a lock manager can set a hook on their contract so that purchasing keys only works if the user enters a password in the checkout flow
  • Support for unlimited duration in Dashboard and Keychain - Enable lock managers to set unlimited key duration directly from the dashboard
  • Changing number of keys on Dashboard - Enable lock managers to update maximum keys directly from dashboard
  • Whole new static site - Completely redesigned https://www.unlock-protocol.com
  • Skipping metadata collection when all fields are optional - Enable a purchaser to skip optional metadata collection during checkout
  • Redesigned Keychain - Redesigned look and feel for the Keychain page, including links to OpenSea for every key
  • Attachment in emails - You can now set attachments for email being sent on key purchases
  • Customizable recipient on checkout - It is now possible upon checkout to customize the address of the wallet that will receive the NFT membership, so a purchaser can buy a membership for someone else.
  • Easier checkout flow - Based on community feedback, we continue to deploy redesigned and improved checkout experiences throughout Unlock

Coming soon

  • Multiple key ownership in smart contracts (Coming in April) - Enable wallets to hold more than one key/membership at a time
  • Mimic “Ownable” in smart contracts (Coming in April) - Enable lock managers to show ownership of locks; aids in situations like OpenSea metadata management
  • Create Lock in specific version (Coming in April) - Enables a lock manager to choose which version of the lock contract to use

Developer improvements

  • Refactored unlock-express - unlock-express now to use Passport (Node.js's most used authentication framework)

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