Unlock Protocol Product Updates for June 2022

Release Notes for June 2022. Unlock Protocol launches a brand new docs site, NFT ticketing enhancements, smart contract optimizations, and various other improvements.

By Christopher Carfi on


New documentation site

Smart contract optimizations and enhancements

  • Moving to error codes instead of string, saves 15% gas
  • Refactored tests to remove Truffle and web3.js dependency
  • Purchase and GrantKeys return the new token ids
  • Added a feature for key granters to extend keys
  • Added new OnKeyTransfer hook
  • Added LendKey

NFT ticketing improvements

  • Show NFT image on ticket verification page
  • Verification page now uses Sign In With Ethereum
  • Adding "verifiers" for events who can verify ticket validity and check-in tickets

Front-end updates

  • Redesigned "Sign In With Ethereum" flow
  • Members page UI refreshed

Backend / API server updates

  • Support for API to grant keys on lock
  • Server side QR code generation
  • Ability to send QR codes by email from backend

Others updates and improvements

  • Renamed xDai to Gnosis Chain
  • Added Mumbai Polygon network
  • Dependency cleanup and Eslint simplification

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