How communities and clubs can use Unlock

Austin Robey

 On November 2, 2021

How communities and clubs can use Unlock

Unlock can be a tool to create unique memberships for nearly any kind of member-based organization - from recognizing membership in a cooperative, to being an access pass for a social club, to being an organizing tool for a book club or investment DAO, there are several ways that Unlock Protocol can be leveraged.

How this works

One way that membership-based organizations can use Unlock is by recognizing membership with a particular lock that is used as a membership badge to give member benefits.

Example: Dinner DAO

Dinner DAO is a club for organizing monthly social dinners in NYC. This was done using Unlock Protocol by creating NFTs to represent membership in the club. In this example, 8 passes were available for purchase for .1 ETH each -- giving each owner the ability to access a private Discord, and a Snapshot for creating and voting on proposals.

As an example, here’s the tech stack used and how Unlock enabled the Dinner DAO.

Creating locks

First, through the Unlock Creator Dashboard, 8 Locks were created that represented a membership in Season 1 of the Dinner DAO. The duration of the lock was set to match this time frame.

Next, a simple webpage linked out to the Purchase Address link which allowed users to purchase the NFT pass. Once someone purchased the NFT pass, they were redirected to the Dinner DAO Discord, where they were instructed to connect to Collab.Land to verify their membership, which allowed them to join a private channel.

Voting for members

Then, a Snapshot was set up that allowed for members with the Unlock NFT pass to create and vote on proposals. For information on how to set up voting with Snapshot, you can read more about it in the documentation here.

Special access for members

In this example, Dinner DAO members have special access to both voting on Snapshot and to a private Discord channel. However, using other integrations, we could continue to build out more content and online spaces that only members with the NFT pass have access to.

Other opportunities

This is one example of many for how Unlock could be used to organize collective groups, clubs, and communities. How you use Unlocks features and integrations could be completely customizable to fit the needs of many different organizations, including but not limited to:

  • DAOs
  • Private online groups
  • Social clubs
  • Book clubs
  • And more