HackFS Winning Projects Using Unlock Protocol

Crystal Street

 On Sept 22, 2021

Last month, Unlock Protocol participated in ETH Global’s HackFS Hackathon as a sponsor. The hackathon’s theme was to help build the web3 foundation, so of course, we were all over that mission!


We’re so pleased that eight teams won a little $UDT for deploying our protocol in their projects. Seeing what’s possible with Unlock by such amazingly creative and brilliant dev teams is a pure delight for the Unlock team and we’re so excited we could support this hackathon.

The diversity of projects that each team who deployed our protocol in some aspect of their work really shows the depth of what's possible with Unlock. From gaming vaults with locked content, checkout components in e-commerce to collector cards; each of the following teams integrated Unlock in a way that shows the scope of what's possible with our protocol.

Here’s a quick look at all of the projects who deployed our protocol. Be sure to click through to the projects that interest you and follow these teams as some are continuing to build out the projects that began during HackFS.

Projects Using Unlock

  • Certificate Maker is a dApp where users can use a certificate template to generate a certificate and upload it to IPFS. Source Code | Demo Link

  • Game Vault is a decentralized game distribution eco-system including a game NFT marketplace, game libraries, and a developer portal with profile and game upload functionality. Source Code | Demo Link

  • Metamark creates a trusted note manager to make data secure, encrypted and easier to access. Source Code

  • Metacards is a platform their where people can mint their own Trading Card Set as NFTs and enable fans to access exclusive content through their NFT. Source Code | Demo Link

  • Puma iOS is a mobile ETH wallet powered by Unlock and Web3.storage.

  • Upld is a video-sharing website built on IPFS and uses Unlock to help content creators monetize their work without ads. Source Code | Demo Link

  • Googli.eth is striving to create a blockchain-based notary service where the final document is minted as an NFT. [Source Code](https://github.com/jefedeoro/googli.eth | Demo Link

  • CheckoutFS allows people to create instant checkout pages for your business or service hosted on IPFS. Source Code | Demo Link

We also deployed our Unlock integration with Snapshot and asked our community to vote on their favorite projects. Every community member holding an active Unlock membership was able to vote and the following projects made the top of the list:

  1. Certificate Maker
  2. Games Vault
  3. Metamark
  4. Metacards

Supporting hackathons and the hackers who are helping build the foundational technology of web3 is a great pleasure and honor for our team. We're so delighted to see all the hard work, ingenuity, and creativity that went into each project (especially those who deployed Unlock). We look forward to seeing these projects take on a new life outside of the hackathon setting and are here to help everyone using Unlock to build a better internet!

Hop into our Discord chat with our community and devs, bounce your ideas on integrations, and when you touch on an idea you'd like to breathe life into-- apply for our grant program! We're community-driven and we want to support YOUR vision of web3!