Unlock Hackathon Ideas

Fun and useful ideas using the Unlock protocol.

Sascha Mombartz

 On Nov 5, 2019

Ideas to hack on

We’re going to be at ETHWaterloo over the first November weekend and we thought it would be fun to give participants some inspiration into what they could do with Unlock. Obviously we’re open to all ideas and we’d love to hear about them – the ones below feel free to steal, borrow, change or just be inspired about what's possible. If you need any design help, to mockup complex flow, icons, logos or have UX challenges feel free to find me (Sascha) – I’m happy to help.

  • Play with the Pros
    If you’re a pro gamer you have lots of fans that want to access to the game that you’re in. Working with Fortnite’s Custom Matchmaking capabilities create a way that will only allow fans who have bought a key join the game that you’re in.

  • GitHub Supporters
    Automatically create an images of everyones profile pic/name/etc that is a supporter (and has a key) to show on Github README pages! More on that here.

  • Ad Free Podcast
    Create a tool that lets members and key owners listen to podcasts without the ads by defining start and duration points of the ad in the audio file (and omitting it for members). Non-members can still listen but get the ads.

  • Lock Leaderboard
    List locks with the most keys sold, most revenue, newest, etc. Could this be done thru Graph Protocol queries? Could become a great way to discover new content.

  • Lock Bundling Idea
    Lock bundling is a powerful tool to give key holders access to multiple publications or content types. Creating a permissionless multi publication revenue distribution would be very powerful. Or a simple way for creators to use each others locks so that members of one publication can get access to another publication.

  • Member Share
    Find a way to allow members to share one article thats behind a lock/paywall with a non-member.

  • Member Only Chat
    Create an app for rocket.chat (or telegram, slack, discord) that only allows paying members access to the chat or specific rooms. This could also be a bot that checks whether someone owns a key in a channel/room/group before allowing them to post or attend.

  • Gaming Prize Pools
    Locks are created for each gaming event, with users staking ETH, DAI, etc. to get a key in order to join the game. The winner of the game gets all the funds on the lock.

  • WordPress
    Extend the functionality of our WordPress plugin. More on our blog and in the GitHub repo.

  • Video Subscription
    Create a way to lock individual videos or playlists from youtube or vimeo. Videos could play a preview of a few seconds or only start after unlocking.

  • Shopify Discounts
    Give people who have keys to a certain lock access to discounts in your shop.

  • Early Access
    A service that lets members get early access to certain perks, like limited edition sneakers or concert tickets. For example fans could have a key for first dibs or ETHWaterloo participants get to buy tickets first for the next hackathon.