Token-gating Discord with Unlock Protocol and!

Unlock Protocol and now seamlessly integrate, enabling the creation of token-gated Discord and Telegram communities in minutes.

By Christopher Carfi on creates token-gated access into online communities based on NFTs, NFT attributes, tokens, and more. Guild is a place for internet communities to come together and form guilds or groups to manage these private communities and start working together better. is a project from Agora, which builds essential tools for internet communities.

Today we’re announcing Guild now has native support for Unlock Protocol membership NFTs!


With Guild, you can control access and create membership layers for your Discord or Telegram community, with more platforms coming soon.

The Unlock integration with Guild is seamless, and you can set up token-gated roles for a community in minutes. (And the Guild UI is _ chef’s kiss _.)


Want to hear more about Guild from Reka and Raz, core members of Guild team? Check out their full run-down on what we’re doing together on our recent Developer Meetup.