Gitcoin Grants

Unlock Labs will match up to $25,000 in UDT tokens for projects that get funding from their own communities.

By Julien Genestoux on

We're incredibly excited to be part of Gitcoin's GR 14! Gitcoin is a DAO that funds project in the web3 space using Quadratic Funding. They are doing grant rounds every quarter and we're glad to join projects like Celo, ENS, Protocol Labs, Polygon and Mask in this process!

Gitcoin's GR 14

Unlock Labs will match up to $25,000 in UDT tokens for projects that get funding from their own communities. Did you have an idea to build a project that uses Unlock? Summer is a good time to get started and you should start by creating a Grant on Gitcoin!

Interested in applying for a Gitcoin Grant? Check out The Unofficial Guide to Gitcoin Grants, which provides an introduction to the Gitcoin Grants program and tips for first-time applicants.

Here are a few ideas of projects that we would love the community to build, but of course, feel free to bring your own ideas too.

IoT x Unlock for Physical Spaces

Are you obsessed with IoT and making different components work together? Create a wireless key (NFT) & physical lock system! Most modern phones have NFC, which can be used to transmit information. With their phone, holders of NFTs could sync with a physical lock that’s a viable mechanism for unlocking. For example, we know of a a co-working space that uses Brivo and could be interested in using Unlock!

Extension for Squarespace

Millions of websites have been created on the Squarespace platform. How would a web3 extension for Squarespace work for creators? This extension would let the creator easily lock elements or full pages on their Squarespace and would be made available in the Squarespace Extension library.

Plugin for Ghost

Ghost is a non-profit organization building open source technology for journalism. Ghost enables creators to turn their audience into a business through their low-code platform. How would you integrate Ghost and the Unlock Protocol to enable creators to deploy locks and sell memberships as NFTs?

Create a token-gated live streaming platform

Using Livepeer, you could create a livestreaming plaform where streamers can lock access to the stream and viewers need to own an Unlock based membership in order to view the stream!

Webflow Integration

Webflow enables creators to build custom websites in a visual canvas with no code. No one has built an integration allowing creators to token-gate access and sell memberships through the platform...until now! How would your Webflow integration with Unlock work?

Metaverse Integrations

The Sandbox, NFTWorlds, Otherside and many other virtual worlds are fostering ecosystems allowing players to build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences. A past grantee integrated Unlock + Decentraland to create a members-only space people can charge access to. What virtual world will you Unlock next?

Existing projects

Of course, this does not have to be a completely project. You can also apply for a grant for an existing project: for example, you can also help us improve Headline, or the Wordpress plugin, or any other existing tool and integration!

Getting started

Head over to Gitcoin and create a Grant. Fill in the requested details and select the tags that best align with your project (make sure to select the “Unlock Protocol” tag to be considered for this Ecosystem Round. Grants can have multiple tags, so please select all that apply and provide reasoning. Grants need to be approved (to be on the Gitcoin platform) and your tag of “Unlock Protocol” may be removed if you do not meet the criteria above.

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