Unlocking an ads-free Forbes

Forbes introduced their very first membership today and it lets anyone with an ethereum wallet unlock an ads free experience

By Julien Genestoux on

At Unlock, we believe that the attention driven economy will be replaced by a membership driven economy. In today's web, creation is rewarded if it is able to attract the eyes, rather than expand the sight: this brought us information overload, endless slideshows, clickbait and fake news.

More and more people are using ad-blockers, but these come with significant problems: first they starve creators of their revenue streams, and they actually do not fix the incentives. Creators are still paid based on how much attention they can steal; even if it is from fewer and fewer people.

Today, we're proud to announce that Forbes, a publication which writes a lot about the blockchain revolution, is offering the ability to unlock an ad-free experience on their site, using Unlock!

How to

Forbes deployed 2 locks, the first one offers a month long ad-free experience on the Forbes.com, while the second offers the same but only for a week. To purchase a key, you will need to use a crypto wallet such as Opera, MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet. Then, head to The crypto section of forbes.com, and click on the "Unlock an ads free experience" button.

Forbes NFT

An Unlock powered pop-up will open up, allowing you to send a transaction to purchase key! Immediately, even if the transaction has not been mined yet (thanks to optimistic unlocking), you should see the ads disappear, for the duration of the key you bought, on the whole forbes.com website!

Once the transaction has been mined, users will receive a non fungible token which represents their membership! Like any NFT, they can transfer it on marketplaces like OpenSea, for example.

Forbes NFT

Dog fooding

Forbes is at the forefront of publications writing about crypto and blockchain and they're doing what too few "advocates" in that space are: experimenting with crypto based solutions.

Similarly, if you believe as a user that cryptocurrencies are the future of money, whether as stores of value, means of exchanging goods and services, or even as decentralizing technology, you should experiment with it!

As such, we are offering up to 100 memberships to Forbes ads-free lock! For this, we've asked the team at LinkDrop to develop a way to generate links which include a key to a lock! To receive your own key (for free!) just send us follow us on Twitter (so we can send a DM) and send us an @reply!