ETHSanFrancisco Hackathon's Winners

Over two dozen teams built memberships into their projects using Unlock at the latest ETHGlobal Hackathon — here are the winners.

By Christopher Carfi on

ETHSanFrancisco was the largest in-person hackathon to date from ETHGlobal, and the hackers delivered! Over 1700(!) hackers from around the globe showed up in force to meet, learn, and build new projects.

The Unlock team showed up in a big way, and had an incredible time meeting hundred of hackers, having great conversations, and getting a chance to bond together as well!

unlock team selfie photo: @julien51

More pictures and thoughts below, but first...the winners of prizes in the Unlock hackathon!

The most incredible part of ETHSanFrancisco was getting the opportunity to connect with the incredible group of hackers, learners, and new friends who stopped by for conversations in the booth over the course of the three days of the hackathon. There were over two dozen projects submitted and, when the dust cleared and the entries were judged, three projects stood out. They were...

First Prize Winner — Smart Coupons

smart coupons image

Description: This project is a frontend + plugin into the Salesforce (SFDC) ecosystem to manage Web3-based marketing campaigns to enable an on-ramp for web2 companies to engage their communities within their existing marketing toolset. Our frontend is a sample implementation of how a client (in this case Adidas) would implement the solution. Within their existing web2 channels, the client would offer gamified incentives for users to connect their wallet details. After connecting their wallet, the users would be able to complete additional data enrichment challenges to earn Web3-based rewards. These rewards would be generated from SFDC directly based on specified campaign goals. Once the wallet data is within Salesforce, we enrich the database with on-chain information, tied to the individual lead profile created for the user. This enables a more robust view of the customer, with the ability to create insights and make more informed decisions about campaign targeting.


Second Prize Winner — HNDSHK

hndshk image

Description: HNDSHK allows you to instantly connect and nourish irreplaceable relationships through NFT handshake cards which you can create, manage, and SHK. Exchanging cards is done instantly through NFC tap (HNDSHK). And when you HNDSHK, you also connect on mutual social handles and a POAP is minted which further documents the occasion. Since NFC taps can only be done in person, HNDSHK encourages in-person interactions. In contrast to popular Social Media platforms which are often attention grabs or races to build a following, HNDSHK incentives quality over quantity connections. This is done through a gamified experience - card rarity upgrades, personal card benefits, and reach-out reminders.


Third Prize Winner — Alexandria

alexandria image

Description: This project allows users to borrow an access NFT that gives them access to view a book through our site. The contract allows anyone to borrow a book for however long they like (as long as you can pay the fee). Whilst giving authors royalties on their payments. We allow authors to make sure they get paid for each time their book gets read. The NFT also acts as a way for you to know all the previous borrowers of your book. Once you run out of collateral on your borrow, the NFT gets automatically transferred back to the marketplace via a liquidation function anyone can call.


Fun and learning for everyone

Hackathons are one of our favorite ways to connect with our frens in the web3 community who are creating and building the next layer of internet infrastructure.

We say a giant THANK YOU to all of the winners and every single team that deployed Unlock to bring their vision to life.

We’re so grateful to ETHGlobal for its continued support of the web3 space and for allowing us to participate in these amazing hackathons! We look forward to seeing these projects evolve and for all the incredible connections, learning, and growth they empower.

As promised, here are a few shots from the event — can't wait for the next one!

unlock 1

unlock 2

unlock 3

unlock 4

unlock 5

unlock 6

unlock 7 photo: @ccarfi