Crypto First

At Unlock, like many in the crypto and blockchain world, we believe that a better web is possible... and we're building it. But we also understand that dreaming and building is not enough.

By Julien Genestoux on

NFT meetup during crypto week 2019

We are mission driven: we strongly believe that the web's business model is broken, but more importantly, that it can be replaced with a much healthier one, and we're building it, key after key, lock after lock.

As technologists, we also know that dogfooding is important: it's by using the technology we build that we can understand it better. We are building new mental models as we actually experience these new products and protocols.

For example, we strongly believe that the Unlock Protocol can be used to sell tickets to concerts, conferences, or parties. To test that hypothesis, we are co-organizing an event here, in NYC during blockchain week, with our friends at Dapper Labs, OpenSea, SuperRare or Quantstamp.

We’re going to have an informal gameshow party where we pit eight blockchain fanatics (us!) against each other to debate fiery topics from within the industry. All in good fun and all for laughs: you should get a ticket!

As you've understood by now, this event is locked by a lock, at 0x5865ff2cbd045ef1cfe19739df19e83b32b783b4. When you purchase a ticket, you actually acquire a Non Fungible Token, which you could trade on OpenSea, for example...

Of course, this is a fairly new experience, but if you already have your crypto wallet (hint: you should!), then, it is actually a lot more straightforward than getting using one of the "legacy" ticket companies: we do not ask for anything and no need to type these 16 credit card digits. Now that you own a NFT, your ticket (or your key as we call it), on top of being tradable, can also be used to unlock more things with the same lock!

We'd love to see you there, and, maybe even more importantly to hear your feedback. What are things we should make better?