Creators and their fans connect with Content Rooms

Content Rooms is a platform for Creators to connect with and monetize their community powered by Unlock Protocol.

By Chris Cacace on

Chris Cacace is the Founder and CEO of Content Rooms and presented at Unlock's Developer Meetup.

Content Rooms is a platform for Creators to connect with and monetize their community. We enable Creators to build a subscription fanbase and host exclusive events that are protected using Unlock Protocol.

The level of access Creators have to their following makes fandom feel more like friendship. This social phenomena is changing media as quickly as decentralization is changing the web. As Creators gain bigger followings, it’s important that they maintain control of their relationships. We’re using Unlock to empower both Fans and Creators to build and benefit from the value they generate together.

NFTs as stores of Value

NFTs are unique because they can transfer and hold value at any level. On a Layer2 chain like Polygon, a single NFT Key can be minted from an Unlock Lock for a cost lower than a dollar (including gas!). Many are still not aware that NFTs can be bought and transferred at such low prices. Thanks to the KeyPurchaser function, we will make this pricing available for all users - whether they can “bridge Polygon” or not.

Over time, lower priced NFTs can grow in value, but only if the experience associated with it is memorable and the NFT keeps utility. Content Rooms’ goal is to help associate NFTs with incredible experiences and lifelong memories. Imagine if you bought one of twenty NFTs to a ContentRoom that Post Malone made early on in his career - and then he reopened the Room today. What might it be worth?

Moving across the Web3 Landscape

The most powerful part of building on top of Unlock is that ContentRoom Creators will automatically have the ability to move across physical, online, and metaverse realms. For example, the ticket you buy to a physical concert could immediately give you access to a ContentRoom. In the ContentRoom, the artist you’re going to see would engage with concertgoers in the weeks leading up to the performance. Then when the time comes, you could show up to the concert with your NFT ticket to enter the venue. If you can’t make it in person, you might pop into Decentraland instead to gain access to a livestream party we’re hosting in the metaverse.

The sweetest part is that Content Rooms gains these abilities simply because we’re built on Unlock. We didn’t need to spend time integrating into Decentraland or Discord — thanks to the other members of the UnlockDAO who did. Creators and organizations using Content Rooms will benefit from their work and vice versa.

Reducing the friction to purchase

In the short term, web3 is still really hard to understand for most people. It is Content Rooms’ goal to make it as simple as possible. We make minting an NFT on Content Rooms as simple as signing up and putting in your credit card. The immediate reward for buying the NFT is also very tangible - you get access to the Creator’s Room.

Our vision is to make web3 friendly.

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