Cohort 5 Grantees have arrived!

And we are so grateful to have all of these amazing projects implementing the protocol!

Crystal Street

 On December 17, 2021

Cohort 5 is in the house and they are ready to launch their amazing ideas into the web3 ecosystem using the Unlock Protocol! And we're here to celebrate each and every fabulous vision of our grantees!

Cohort 5

Here’s a quick introduction to each grantee, their project and how to find them on the Twitters so you can support their projects. If reading about these projects sparks your creation engine, simply click the link at the bottom of the article and submit your proposal!

Jenil Thakker - Coinvise

Every time a member of a creator community claims a membership on Unlock, they'll be eligible to claim an airdrop on Coinvise. Coinvise is a platform of powerful tools for creators to build and operate tokenized communities.

Andrew Berkowitz - Socialstack

Socialstack is an impact-driven toolkit to launch and manage a social token community. They're cultivating a curated community of impact-first brands, organizations, creators, and DAOs to launch on their platform and onboard their community into Web3. Socialstack is planning to implement Unlock's functionality into their CommunityOS dApp to enable communities to activate turnkey membership NFTs across all the platforms that Unlock enables, and provide their members with membership NFTs to purchase. Check out their platform here.

Blair Gardner - Dinner DAO

Dinner DAO represents a modern day dinner club that brings together members of the web3 community through IRL meals and events to bond, network, share stories, and extend the connections we're building as a community into the real world. Learn more about Dinner DAO here.

Justin Holmes - Gymnasia

Gymnasia makes it possible for anyone to earn cryptocurrencies & NFTs by participating in virtual fitness challenges. They've also made it possible for the creators of those challenges and participants to earn passive income, in perpetuity. They'll be integrating Unlock to power specific aspects of their platform to help people earn and better understand the web3 ecosystem!

Gaetan Renaudeau - Greweb Monthly Plots

Gaetan is a generative artist and coder looking to integrate Unlock into various aspects of their NFT artwork. Be sure to check out their artwork at this link!

Micol Ap - VCA

The VCA Residency vision is to democratise the access to knowledge and give free educational programs dedicated to creators of all kinds interested in Crypto Art and the NFT ecosystem. VCA will integrate Unlock to power their memberships and access for participants in their ecosystem

Are you ready to join our Grantees?

We’re excited to have such insightful projects in our grant program and are wishing our grantees all the best as they bring their visions to life. If you’d like to join our Discord to connect with our grantees about their projects or explore some ideas of your own, please join us here.

AND if you already have an idea for an integration using Unlock, please submit your project proposal here.

Unlock Protocol is driven by and for our community. We’re here to help YOU build the future path of blockchain technology and together we’ll explore all that’s possible with community and decentralization as our core foundations. Join the conversation.