Let's celebrate our 4th Cohort of Unlock Grantees

Unlock Grantees Cohort 4 covers everything from easy crypto adoption for SaaS to Element integrations and everything in between!

By Crystal Street on

Cohort 4 of the Unlock Grantees are here and ready to push the protocol towards wider adoption by those who need it most! Cohort 4 covers everything from removing barriers to crypto entry for SaaS providers, to integrating with Element, making DAO participation more equitable for all — and so much more!

Cohort 4

Check out these brief introductions for each grantee, their project and how to find them on the Twitters so you can follow their progress. If reading about these projects sparks your creation engine, simply click the link at the bottom of the article and submit your proposal to join the next cohort! Our grant selection committee will be meeting soon to review the latest applications— so don't wait!

David Layton - Unfurl


David Layton is creating Unfurl, an Open ID Connect Provider powered by Unlock Protocol. His goal is to make entry to cryptocurrency subscriptions as easy as possible for SaaS providers. He also successfully lead the Firebase integration of Unlock. Removing the friction for SaaS' entering the crypto space is a huge step towards mass adoption of web3 technology (and our protocol too)!

MJ Zilla - Element Integration


MJ, aka Mecyver is working on an Element + Unlock integration. Providing a viable alternative to community building outside of Discord that utilizes our protocol to manage memberships will help support more adoption by creators! We're very excited to see a fresh integration for private and group chats that is also open-source and encrypted.

Stephen Grinalds - Chisos Capital


Chisos Capital is utilizing Unlock to support their membership club and community of investors and entrepreneurs throughout their ecosystem.

Carlos Diaz-Padron and Gail Wilson - Metaphor


Carlos and Gail are working on an integration for Metaphor's DAO onboarding tool, with the intention of creating an easy method for joining a DAO. This will allow members to bypass expensive, and often prohibitive, token ownership that normally powers DAO participation.

Fanny Lakoubay - BAD 2.0 (Blockchain Art Directory)


Fanny is looking to incorporate Unlock into the existing BAD platform to help them elevate their mission and further embrace the full power of web3. BAD was originally built in 2017 to help serve as a directory for blockchain art. BAD is upping their game to better serve the blockchain art community which is hot right now!

Are you ready to join our Grantees?

We’re excited to have such fabulous projects in our grant program and are wishing our grantees all the best as they bring their visions to life. If you’d like to join our Discord to connect with our grantees about their projects or explore some ideas of your own, please join us here.

AND if you already have an idea for an integration using Unlock, please submit your project proposal here.

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