Announcing Unlock Protocol's $50,000 Smart Contract Audit Contest

$50,000 in prizes for participants in the Unlock Protocol smart contract code audit contest, launched in conjunction with Code4rena.

By Christopher Carfi on

We’re partnering with Code4rena, a platform for community-driven smart contract audits, on a 1-week smart contract audit contest starting today, November 17th. The contest runs through November 24th, with $50,000 in prizes!


What is a smart contract audit contest?

Code4rena's contests are not bug bounties — contests have guaranteed payouts for all legit findings.

From Code4rena's site:

Bug bounties:

  • Spec work. No way to have confidence that the time invested will produce a payout.
  • Dark forest. Who knows how much competition there is right now? Or how mature the codebase is?
  • Grow on your own. Researchers have to proactively look for ways to learn and level up their skills.
  • Paradox of choice. So many projects have bounties. How does an auditor choose which to focus on?


Audit contests:

  • Guaranteed payouts. Auditors know it’s highly likely they can find a bug that will make it worth their time.
  • Low-hanging fruit. If a project is seeking an audit, it’s likely fresh code with clear opportunities to dig in.
  • Learning community. Open contests let auditors compare everyone’s findings and learn new things every single week.
  • No FOMO. C4 runs a handful of active contests at a time—often just one or two, tops.

Very interesting — how do I participate?

For more on Code4rena and the competition, visit

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