Oh Yeah? Prove it! Certifications by Unlock

Unlock introduces an easy way to issue transparent, provable credentials for professional certifications, continuing education credits, industry expertise, and more.

By Kalidou Diagne on


Unlock has launched an easy way to issue certifications and credentials on-chain. Every certification held is a proof of a course completion and has its own verifiable NFT.

Let's see how to create a certification or credential and distribute it to participants.

Certifications powered by Unlock Protocol

First, visit https://certifications.unlock-protocol.com, where you can learn about the benefits of certification and credentialing NFTs powered by Unlock Protocol.

Enter information about your certification

Click "Create your certification now” to go to the form to build your certification. You’ll put in a few pieces of information to set up your certification.

Basic certification information

Enter the basic information for your certification including:

  • Certification name: The program or course name that was completed by the recipient of the certification.
  • Description: The description for the certification. This will be part of the NFT metadata.
  • Official issuer name: This is the name of the issuing organization for this certification. This is part of NFT metadata.
  • External URL: Include a link to the URL of the organization that performed the certification. This will be included in the NFT metadata.
  • Image: The main image logo that will be shown for the on-chain certificate NFT.
  • Certification duration: How long the certification will be valid for. Certifications have an unlimited duration by default. This duration can be changed during setup to whatever timeframe is appropriate for your situation.


Price and quantity

By default, your certification can't be purchased: it can only be granted (”airdropped”) to a recipient. (We’ll explore how to perform the airdrop later in this article.)


In case you do choose to make your certification purchasable, you will need to set a price and a maximum supply of certifications.



This is the network on which your certification smart contract will be deployed.


Once the above settings are specified, you can deploy the certificate and see the preview.


Certificate overview

Each certification has a dedicated page where information for that certification is visible.

An individual who holds a certificate will be able to download it or share it via social networks.

Certification template


Issued certification


Transferable certificate

In most cases, a certification should not be able to be transferred to another user. Certifications will be non-transferable by default, and a notification will be shown in the user interface if a certification is able to be transferred. This notification is displayed to help ensure that the ability to transfer certifications is the intention of the creator of the certification program.



As a Lock Manager and creator of a certification, you can airdrop certificates to your users either to their crypto wallet address or to their email address.


Thats all! Visit https://certifications.unlock-protocol.com and start to deploy your first certificate!

What if I find an issue or bug in the new certification builder?

Please open an issue on Github or tell us in Discord and we'll fix it ASAP.