As we're scaling adoption, we have performed our first independent audits.

By Julien Genestoux on

As of March 2022, our smart contracts have been audited by 3 different teams: Code4rena, ByteRocket and Akira Tech.

We are pleased with the results of these audits as they have identified no issue that would jeopardize creators or members' funds in a systemic way. The audits did identify improvements that we have (or will) implement to simplify flows, make risky behaviors less error-prone as well as reduce gas consumption.

This step is an important one, and while we're working on more improvements and upgrades to the core protocol, we will get more audits in the future.

It also builds our confidence that we can move ownership of our contracts to the DAO, which we'll also work on the next few weeks.

You can download the reports as well as see a summary in our docs website!

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