Unlock Protocol Product Updates for April 2022

Release Notes for April 2022. Unlock Protocol improved credit card handling, checkout flows, the dashboard and keychain, and more.

By Christopher Carfi on


Dashboard improvements

  • Airdrops to multiple wallets — Lock managers can now airdrop keys to multiple wallets at one time (huge time saver!)
  • Lock managers can expire memberships — Lock managers can expire (cancel) memberships right from the dashboard

Keychain improvements

  • Members can expire memberships — Similar to the above, members can expire (cancel) memberships right from their keychain

Checkout improvements

  • Customize recipient — Purchasers can customize the recipient of the purchase (e.g. when purchasing as a gift)
  • Multiple recipients — Purchasers can purchase multiple keys at once
  • CAPTCHA improvements — Improved CAPTCHA for bot deterrence (especially useful for NFT ticket sales)
  • Extending expired membership (v10) — Expired memberships can be reactivated from checkout

Credit card handling improvements

  • Improved page handling — Improved handling of page refresh to reduce the chance of transactions being submitted multiple times
  • Improved transaction sequencing — Credit card purchases are now executed only after the blockchain transaction is successful

Website improvements

  • Community tab — Based on website visitor feedback, added a new "Community" tab to the Unlock website

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