Apple and Google Wallet Passes with EthPass and Unlock Protocol

Using EthPass you can now easily download passes for any membership NFT acquired through Unlock!

By Julien Genestoux on

A few days ago, we introduced Events By Unlock, the easiest way to create tickets as NFTs and host an events details page for web3 events!

Today, we’re introducing a new feature: the ability to download a Google or Apple pass on your device with our partner EthPass!

You can easily add the pass to your phone’s wallet through the Unlock Keychain by clicking on any of your NFTs, as long as they have been deployed on one of the supported networks.

Google Pass NFT

Alternatively, you can also add the pass right after you have minted your NFT ticket, on the final confirmation screen!

Apple Pass NFT

Attendees can then easily show the pass from their mobile wallet to the organizers on site in order to access the venue!