Taking Unlock Poolside

Grantee Marty Bell is Integrating Unlock to Give His Members VIP Perks and More

Crystal Street

 On September 14, 2021


Providing decentralized gated access for streaming services opens up a whole new world of revenue for businesses and communities. We love seeing streaming services integrating Unlock as a way to both provide a better service AND to add a component of supportive membership to their services as well.

The Poolsuite Integration project from Marty Bell does just that. Poolsuite currently provides listening sessions to over one million users a year with an average of 750,000 unique visitors from around the globe. Marty’s Unlock integration will help elevate the features he already provides by leveraging the utility aspect of our NFTs.

We're currently bringing our ultra-summer music website & brand into the web3 universe, initially gating VIP features for those who buy our NFTs and eventually our community token, which will power our ecosystem of eccentric apps, websites, and products.

Why This Project?

Poolsuite is a great project with a large audience. This integration will be a great use of Unlock and will help bring new functionality to Poolsuite as well as a larger awareness of the power of Unlock. We’re excited to see all of the different ways Poolsuite integrates the features of the Unlock Platform!

Looking Forward

We’re excited to have such a creative project in our grant program and are wishing Marty and his team all the best as they build this powerful integration for the Web3 world!

If you’d like to join our Discord to connect with Marty about the project or explore some ideas of your own, please join us here.

AND if you already have an idea for an integration using Unlock, please submit your project proposal here.

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