Token-Gating with MintGate | Unlock Case Study

When MintGate needed to pair their front-end design with NFT-based, token-gated access to video, audio, and other content, they reached out to Unlock.

By Christopher Carfi on

MintGate’s vision is to build a platform that empowers creators and communities to create content that they can monetize. MintGate co-founder Jennifer Tran describes MintGate as “the Shopify for tokenized content,” where creators can both mint and sell gated NFTs to their communities. MintGate is committed to providing a superior user experience to its users, and is obsessively focused on UI and UX.

While MintGate focuses on the frontend experience, they rely on Unlock to provide and manage the behind-the-scenes magic to gate content with time-based NFT access tokens.

See the full case study.

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